Founded in 2007 in Erbil, Stormland Petroleum specializes in the supply of petroleum products. Our portfolio encompasses the procurement of gasoline, gasoil, and solvents, alongside the distribution of bitumen to markets across Southeast Asia and Africa. Additionally, we facilitate the delivery of fuel oil from the Kurdistan region to Persian Gulf nations.

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We are excited to welcome you at the Argus Bitumen & Roads Asia Conference taking place in Singapore from November 7th to 9th, 2023. Our team will be there, looking forward to your arrival and the opportunity to connect.

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FUEL OIL, often termed furnace oil, is primarily sourced from crude oil distillation residues. It serves as a reliable fuel for steam boilers within power stations, maritime propulsion, and industrial operations. Commercial formulations are customized through blending with lighter petroleum products to achieve operational viscosity and optimal combustion characteristics.

As a residual by-product, furnace oil maintains an economical advantage, frequently offered at a market rate more favorable than crude oil itself.

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FUEL OIL is produced from the denser fractions at the lower end of the distillation process. Its composition is tailored to ensure ease of handling and to meet the specific requirements of the diverse systems in which it is employed.

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BITUMEN, recognized by its characteristic black or dark hue, presents itself in various physical states ranging from solid to viscous. Its occurrence is diverse, found as rock asphalt, natural deposits, or as a derivative of petroleum processing. “BITUMEN materials” broadly categorizes substances containing bitumen or those from which bitumen is extractable.

The predominant application of bitumen, accounting for 70% of its usage, lies in road construction, where it acts as the binding agent in asphalt concrete. Additionally, it is integral to the production of waterproofing materials for roofing and sealing purposes.

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In road construction and asphalt applications, the most prevalent bitumen grade is 60/70. Global demand for bitumen is substantial, with annual consumption exceeding 100 million tons, equating to roughly 700 million barrels, underscoring its critical role in modern infrastructure.

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Who We Are

STORMLAND PETROLEUM stands at the forefront of the oil product sector in the northern Kurdistan region, delivering sophisticated supply chain solutions. Our commitment to high-quality service is designed to seamlessly align with our customers’ needs, contributing to the global endeavor to enhance living standards.

Our team at STORMLAND PETROLEUM, a collective of dedicated, skilled, and innovative professionals, shoulders all responsibilities with the goal of cultivating an unparalleled quality management system. We are devoted to perpetual enhancement across all service facets. With creativity and a commitment to surpassing customer expectations at our core, we strive for complete customer satisfaction as the fundamental tenet of our operational ethos.

We at STORMLAND PETROLEUM hold in high regard the rights of all stakeholders and individuals engaged in our operational chain, from production and transport to end-use.

Our Vision:
– To ascend as industry leaders in Service, Quality, and Efficiency.
– To cultivate collaborative teamwork with our customers.
– To uphold the utmost Integrity and Honesty in our actions.
– To build trust through reliable, open, and transparent interactions.
– To forge partnerships that yield reciprocal gains within our business community.

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Customer Oriented Services

Considering that customers incessantly think of the risks involved in international trade, we take very careful assessment of the following trade issues and practices:

  • Cost of identifying reliable and efficient suppliers that can supply high quality products at reasonable price;
  • Suppliers’ quotations (FOB, CFR, CIF etc.) and payment methods, and the costs involved;
  • Risk of exchange rates (in a world of shifting currency values);
  • Dealing with rogue traders/ fraudsters (billions of dollars are lost every year)



Relying on our partner’s expertise in the logistics industry, we are able to provide fast and efficient sea and road cargo transport solutions to various parts of the world. We can substantially save the client from paying high freight costs to transport goods. Stormland via its sister company offers freight forwarding, logistics contract, and solutions that connect your business to suppliers and markets across the world. Ocean and road freight, and multi-model solutions to move your goods. Its own fleet of vehicles and carefully selected partners provide you with flexible solutions for reliable deliveries. Our team, by carefully selecting its transport fleet, always seeks to find suitable and efficient solutions to provide goods transportation services to its customers.



We accommodate any enquiry irrespective of the size or volume of the product. We conscientiously listen to clients’ requests and complaints, allowing us to discover ways of cutting cost without compromising quality. In the end, we accept only those assignments that we feel qualified to perform, and which, in our view, will provide real benefit to our clients.We never compromise quality over price. We are committed to providing value for money whilst maintaining excellent customer care.


Supply chain

Our aim is to advance the interest of clients by providing independent trade advice and cost-effective sourcing. Rather than attempting to sell products irrespective of the existence of alternative quality product/s, we strike the balance between the right products, at the right price and at the right time.


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